Welcome to the School Support Services website! SSS has been meeting the needs of English-speaking homeschoolers in Japan since 1983. As a division of Christian Academy in Japan, we share CAJ’s commitment to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. SSS provides Christ-centered educational support for the children of evangelical missionaries and other families who desire this type of assistance. Some SSS families homeschool all subjects while others send their children to Japanese schools and supplement with English studies at home. Several small Christian schools have affiliated with SSS in order to augment what they can offer their students.

  • educational counseling as requested (appointments in person or through Skype)
  • brief e-mails called SSSnippets with encouragement and information
  • college and career guidance for high schoolers (in person or through Skype)
  • educational articles and podcasts

  • access to the CAJ library with book-mailing option for delivery to your home
  • access to online books
  • online access to a magazine database for reliable research
  • unit boxes with materials on specific topics
  • book packs organized by reading level, author and popular series
  • homeschool curricula for sale or loan


  • reading incentive program for preschoolers and elementary children
  • PSAT and SAT for high school students
  • Stories Plus, a story and activity time for preschoolers two or three times per month
  • possible yearly events:
SSS Sports Day
Writers' Workshop
Spiritual Life Emphasis Week
Arts & Skills Day
Speech Festival

If you browse this site, you’ll be able to see the services we offer. If you think you would like to be a part of our SSS family, contact us soon.